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Daniel Stephens

Daniel StephensAccount Executive

Daniel Stephens, Account Executive, was born in Dallas, Texas and has since hopped around from New Orleans, Houston, Lubbock, St. Louis, but is now back in Dallas. (Go Cowboys).

What’s on his bucket list? To swim with sharks, go to Australia and locate 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, and to ride in a hot-air balloon. His hobbies outside of work include, but are not limited to: eating food, taking pictures of his food, whale watching, watching the Dallas Cowboys, sleeping, singing, dancing, drinking water, etc.

Daniel met LRS at a career fair while attending Texas Tech and ended up starting the Associate Recruiter program in St. Louis. After 2 years as a technical recruiter, he now works as an Account Executive in the Dallas office. "My favorite part about working in IT Staffing is knowing that you’re making a positive impact on someone’s life when you place them at a new company or in a new city and they love it."

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Emily Gohl

Emily GohlTechnical Recruiter

Emily grew up in Wisconsin and moved south to attend the University of Oklahoma. After graduation, she relocated to Dallas, TX where she lives with her fiancé, Casey, and her dog, Gus.

She came across LRS on her school’s job board and was intrigued by what people had to say about LRS as well as the tenure of those that have worked at LRS. “The whole thing is really just a game. You have to have skill and know-how, but nothing is certain. You always have to be on your toes.”

When asked about her hobbies, she stated: “I literally just play with my dog and shop. The consistency and amount of time spent on both of these things is alarming.”

Emily’s bucket list includes a visit to Greece, finding Waldo, and joining the nuns from The Sound of Music to learn how to solve a problem like Maria.

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Zackery New

Zackery NewTechnical Recruiter

Born and raised in small town East Bernard, TX, Technical Recruiter Zackery New earned his degree in Business Administration and Management from Texas Tech University. During the spring semester before graduating, Zackery attended a career fair where he found LRS.

“My favorite part of IT Staffing is every day brings new challenges and new opportunities.”

When not seeking candidates for our clients, Zackery can be found attending concerts, going on road trips, and visiting family across the state of Texas. His wanderlust is not confined to Texas, his bucket list includes visiting New Zealand, the Galapagos Islands, and to road trip to every corner of the continental United States.

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