Recruiting recruiters

As our Best in Staffing awards say, we’re in the staffing business.

That means we work with our clients to find out what IT talent they need and then go find the individuals who can provide that talent and work well as members of the clients’ teams. One challenge of this business is finding the right fit of consultant and client, and it’s a challenge we relish. We work hard to meet, and overcome, such a challenge.

Right now we’re in an unusual position, because we’re looking for talented individuals who will fit our needs. We’re actively recruiting for Associate Recruiters to join LRS Consulting Services.

This is not an easy job; we briefly described it in this blog post. That blog post also talked about our training program, which is also not so easy.

But all of our recruiters tell us their job is the most rewarding experience they’ve ever had. One of our recruiters says there’s no greater feeling than knowing he’s placed a consultant in the right spot. Especially when filling the spot was a challenge that required him to go above and beyond the usual effort.

Another says you’ll never get bored because you’re talking to someone new every five minutes. There’s no such thing as a “typical day” in our industry.

Oh, and we enjoy ourselves too. As one member of our team put it, “Everybody goes to work but not everybody goes to work with their friends, and not everybody goes to work and actually enjoys being at work.”

Not everybody gets to work for the best in the business, either, but our people do. We’ve won the Best in Staffing award four years straight.

If you’re interested in the work that a recruiter does for us, please check out the video below. Then, if you think you could be a recruiter, just click here to apply for our training program. You just might be the right fit we’re looking for!