The challenging life of a technical recruiter

Do technical recruiters, like the ones on our staff, have an easy job?

In a piece discussing recruiting trends for 2022, Forbes hinted that people just might think so.

According to Forbes, “People may think that a recruiter calls a candidate, shares a job description, and before long, the applicant is interviewing and on their way toward getting a job offer.”

But as the article notes, the reality is different. The piece mentions the hunt for good job candidates that can involve scouring the internet and rooting around their own network as well as the frustrations that can occur once a good candidate is identified.

As Forbes described the reality, it wrote, “More often than not, people don’t get back to a recruiter. They may say that they’re interested, but later ghost the recruiter. Sometimes, they’re not hiding from the search professional; it's just that they’re busy with their current job or juggling multiple interviews with other firms.”

The New York Times Magazine painted an even darker picture of the recruiting life. The magazine profiled a recruiter who had begun her career in a hiring job with a fashion designer. In that job, the candidates she worked with would send her candy, flowers, and beautiful thank-you notes.

After her switch to technical recruiting, she discovered that, “Recruiters working in technology these days do not receive candy, flowers or thank-yous. The recruiter is lucky if she can get someone on the phone — if she receives so much as an email in response.”

The unemployment rate for all workers in the United States is about 3.8%, but it’s below 2% for IT workers. Because of that, and because so many companies are hungry for tech talent, candidates are in the driver’s seat. IT workers get weary of emails, text messages, and calls from recruiters.

LRS Consulting Services technical recruiters are currently working to fill nearly three dozen openings for a variety of our clients, but you won’t see them profiled in a magazine article complaining that the job is too hard. They definitely relish the challenge.

As one noted, “The type of person who excels at this job is one who’s willing to put in a lot of extra effort. It’s not a typical 8 to 5 job because a lot of times you have to call people off hours.” The secret to success, he said, is giving 100% every day.

Yet another talked of the emotional reward of recruiting.

“Recruiting is a roller coaster,” he said. “There’s ups and downs, but the ups are fantastic. Just knowing that you have gone above and beyond to do your job and then find out that the client is happy and the consultant is happy, there’s no greater feeling than that.”

Our clients and our consultants all know how special our technical recruiters are; they’ve helped us win the Best Of Staffing award seven years in a row. We’re grateful for their attitude and their hard work. Contact us and find out for yourself how good LRS Consulting Services recruiters are.